A short leap to Brunei

As Brunei is right in the middle of Borneo Malaysia it seemed fitting to take a short visit to this tiny place. You can get a plane there which is quick and easy but expensive when on a budget. The other option is to get on a bus. This was my choice of transport and although I … Continue reading A short leap to Brunei

Borneo’s Animal Sanctuaries

Borneo felt like quite a big trip and very varied. From city life to jungle wildlife and being up close to the Proboscis monkeys. It was an educational experience and a chance to see with my own eyes what we are doing to our wildlife, pushing them out from their natural habitats. Witnessing the reality with … Continue reading Borneo’s Animal Sanctuaries

Getting wild in Borneo Malaysia

Borneo Malaysia consists of two states, Sabah and Sarawak as well as the federal territory of Labuan situated on an island off the coast of Borneo. I visited the state of Sabah as I only gave myself two weeks in Borneo. Borneo was a country I was intrigued about but never thought I would visit. I … Continue reading Getting wild in Borneo Malaysia

Luxury Getaway in Phuket

If you are looking for a beautiful getaway and organised (sort of) tourism then Thailand is always a great option. The last time I went to Thailand was in 2009 with my best friend. We had travelled to Bangkok and Krabi and visited the nearby islands of Koh Phi Phi, Coconut island and James bond island … Continue reading Luxury Getaway in Phuket

Date night in Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta (often known as Jogja) is a bustling city with beautiful archaeological sites that take you in to another world. For me, it was a little break after the volcano treks. It took me away from the cold showers, lack of sleep and cold temperatures to warmth, city vibes, batik designs, temples, slow non strenuous walks and live theatre shows. This usually happens when travelling, you end up needing to give yourself ‘a break’ from moving around so much. 

Oh yeah and it was a special moment for me: I bought my first BACKPACK!!!


It was not easy getting my backpack and I had limited time after I recovered from tonsillitis in the hotel. When I finally found a department store that had backpacks they only had two. I took the biggest one and was glad it was only £30.

I said goodbye to some of my old dresses. It was…

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Spontaneity in Hong Kong!

After deciding to move on from the security and familiarity of Indonesia, with its blue sky and clean air I took myself to Kuala Lumpur. I chose the wrong time to go to KL as it had been suffocated by smoke from the burning fires of Sumatra.  The smoky haze was a reminder of London … Continue reading Spontaneity in Hong Kong!

Give your life more LIP!

#repost LIP: Love, Intimacy and Passion HLC's key ingredients to that long lasting relationship. Speak openly, have an open mind, give up trying to be 'right' and all you need is a lot of LIP. Love - A love that is free from guilt, burden and worry. A love that recognises their partner and appreciates … Continue reading Give your life more LIP!