The beginning…


London. My journey has always started here. Birth. Family. Study. Love. Work. Home. Growth. This is the moment I was going on my BA flight from London to Singapore. I had a one way ticket. I knew this journey would be different. I made a decision to not resist the uncertainty and my lack of a plan. I won’t be that hard on myself, I had a big plan. It was for transformation and growth. You do not always need to know what is the next step, sometimes it is revealed to you and I truly believed that at this point in my life. At this moment, I had to believe this. I felt I had no other option.

I realised when I took this decision that even though it seemed like a not well thought through plan, I knew otherwise. There was something within me that knew I had planned this trip along time ago. Sure, as you will find out I was unprepared for the ‘traveller’ lifestyle. But the decision and the certainty of this decision was ironically the most decisive thing I had ever done in my life. Something had finally shifted in me and I was now able to do the one thing I had wanted to do ever since I was 16. You know that question we get asked throughout our teens: What do you want to be when you grow up? Well, call me Miss Lalaland but this was it! I could just hear my inner child calling out with confidence, Miss! When I grow up I want to be a traveller! There you go, a clumsy, dirty, scruffy and sometimes glamorous traveller who wanted to meet everything and everyone.

My advice is don’t make rash decisions especially when emotions are concerned. Give yourself time to be at peace with situations. Stay true to who you are, what you want and listen to that beautiful gut or instinct that we all have. Sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning, then do what you have to do and fly! I did and I had the best time of my life…so far!

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