Beginning of Trust in Penang

When my friend Denise knew I was coming back to Singapore she jumped at the chance to begin my adventures with me. She greeted me at the airport and it all began to seem surreal to me that I had returned. When I met the rest of the girls that evening I realised this would be harder than I had expected. It was an emotional time for me. Receiving those hugs from friends I felt torn from was the warmth I needed yet a painful reminder of how I actually felt.


Inner Ramblings

You know people usually tell us not to run away from our problems or challenges, well I hadn’t. I rarely do. Yet, there comes a point in our life when we have outgrown a place, a life, a project and in need of a change. Sometimes staying in the same place gives you the same outcomes. What do you do when you want different outcomes? You do something different! Singapore and London had nothing else to inspire me with and travelling as a free spirit was truly something that resonated with me deeply.

It was a good time to fulfil one of my life long (the 33 year kind) dreams and truly explore my potential as an individual, a woman, a fellow human on this planet who wanted to really see with my own eyes what life was like for others and what I was like in other places, with other people.


So my second stop was going to Penang, a lovely Malaysian island that surprised me and Denise with its unique character.

Georgetown Street Art

We did not know that we would find such cool artwork in Penang’s, Georgetown. We got lost and slightly wet but we enjoyed searching for all the wall paintings that Penang has to offer. Our hotel gave us a map with most of the paintings which we tried to find. Here are a few of them.

Georgetown became such a surprise and we found a cool spot to have lunch in which was the The Book Sandwich Cafe. It reminded us of something you may find in a big cosmopolitan city like New York. It was trendy, cool, unique and an interesting place to sit in.

3D Art Museum

If you want an outlet to be as childish as we like to be or you like that kind of thing you could go to one of Penang’s 3D Art Museums. There are a few in Penang so check before you go which one you want to see. The one we went to was not that impressive but we made the most of it.

Malaysian kindness

This was to be one of the first of many acts of kindness that I would experience in South East Asia. As we walked back from Penang road we assumed our hotel was close by but as it was late in the night we realised we should ask for directions or a taxi.

We came across a man who had just said goodbye to a group of friends and we asked for the nearest taxi station. He seemed genuinely nice and told us he could give us a lift as he was going in our direction. We later found out he was an Uber driver. He refused to take any money, surprised we said goodbye and with an Uber discount code he had given us we bid him many thank you’s and a farewell. The question on our minds was: Who gives strange travellers a lift? Surely a crazy human who has horrible intentions, right? I know what my friends and family are thinking: Why would you take a lift from a stranger?

When travelling you realise that you have to trust in others and sometimes you have no choice but to put your trust in them. During these times I would use my instincts more than anything else.


I know that we live in a world that has many risks and the news usually bombards us with things to be afraid of yet we also live in a world that I am hopeful has as much kindness to share. This was one of the countless acts of kindness I would receive during my travels. I think I will make a point of these because I do not want to forget the faith it instilled in me of a world that knows how to love. So here goes, my first encounter of South East Asia’s Random Acts of Kindness.

South East Asia’s Random act of Kindness 1: Being given a lift by a complete stranger in Penang.


HLT weekend in Penang includes visiting:

  1. Georgetown: The main place to visit and walk around in.
  2. China House in George Town was out of this world. Sitting listening to live music, drinking yummy Sangria and singing to songs such Rude by Magic (this became our Penang theme song) filled me with lovely memories with Denise. I would go back to Penang just so that I can explore this better and have an evening meal, a late drink or just chill inside and do some writing. You have to visit this place. It was a lovely find!
  3. Batu Ferringhi: A town famous for its beaches.
  4. Penang Hill: A lovely view of the city

Thank you Penang!

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