Inner Ramblings of Bali

Bali was a huge moment for me and with that comes a deep connection I regained within myself.

This page is dedicated to what is important to me, my ‘Inner Ramblings’. I remember they were so strong and it became very important for me to share at the time which helped others connect with the message within them. I received many positive messages from HLC followers and this encouraged me to keep going. Thank you.

For us to feel this connection, unite in an understanding that we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings is truly priceless and not hard once we let go and stop resisting the flow of life.

Enjoy them and I do hope they connect with you in some way to make you feel the love I felt then and now.

With love,

HT xx

Inner Ramblings 1

Finns Beach

I have felt privileged to be able to give myself this gift. To travel around, wandering, contemplating, reflecting and most of the time feeling at peace.

Giving myself time. Real time to sit with my thoughts, feelings and test my limits. I have felt I have no limits. You are the same. Our power is immense when we learn to let go of the things that hold us down and then we notice it.

I have met some beautiful people with genuine hearts on my travels and yes I have met some who have, despite my honesty chose to lie about who they are. They have also been disrespectful and when I see that I wonder why they think they can do this to me. I do not need this energy in my life.

I can only think of this: when you are uncomfortable with yourself you choose to ignore your reality. Because reality may be painful, you may not be happy with what you have and it is easier to be someone else.

To be yourself, the real you is to walk a road that throws challenges, that pushes you to think deeper, encourages you to connect to yourself and others in a profound way learning to accept your strengths and what you see as weaknesses. It pushes you to be conscious of your mistakes but also of your greatness. It allows you to speak openly from the heart, not the ego. I could not think of nothing worse for myself to ignore the essential truth that is me.

If I am not doing the above then what is my meaning or purpose? The above allows me to rejoice, celebrate, laugh, share the real me with the world.

It allows me to be me, make more mistakes, tell myself off for stupid behaviour and then reassure myself that I still love my intentions and without judgement I let it go.

It allows me to accept the woman I am: chatty, silly, funny,dopey, goofy, analytical, excitable, intelligent, affectionate, passionate, loving…it lets me sit with these different sides of myself and let them be. We put too much pressure on ourselves to be anything but who we are right now. Sure, we can change certain bits for the better but real change happens when you learn to stop resisting, forcing and just accept and love it all first.

Inner Ramblings 2


Finns Beach

So you may think of course you are at peace, you are sitting by a fire on a beautiful beach with no deadline on when to end your travels. Obviously there will be a deadline, I just don’t know when that is yet.

Peace from within is quite something and in our busy world we actually believe it is a luxury we have to work hard for. That peace is a once a year feeling. Peace should be here to stay and I want it to become so engrained within me that when hardship shows up again I will see it and use peace to deal with it.

I have wasted many hours, days and possibly years ‘fighting’. It is important to stick up for ourselves yet when that involves giving away a piece of your beauty to anger, tears and stress you realise you have failed yourself. You know what you are/want to be about so make sure you respect yourself enough to leave situations that are not loving, that do not respect you. They can not inspire you to keep being the woman or man that you want to be.

I did have a fleeting thought while sitting here that it would be nice to come here with someone who values my soul.

Despite this, the thought had no weight to it because I felt as if everything was as it should be in that moment. This feeling hasn’t left me. I am glad. I usually enjoy my own space and do not mind being alone. But something has shifted this time. When you make big decisions something shifts within your entire being and you wonder why on earth you were afraid or why you persisted so much on a path that was not meant for you, that did not mirror who you were, that did not bring out the best in you, where respect and love was not a priority. You will become amazed by what you can offer yourself when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

There was no one to tell me how beautiful I was, stroke my face, kiss me gently, play with my hair and contemplate life with me. But it was utter romance. Just me, my happy light and a connection to infinite love.

Inner Ramblings 3

Gili Trawangan

Give yourself
What you need
Give yourself
the time to heal
And the space to grow
Let your entire being
Feel free
In the wilderness
In the uncertainty of the journey
And let things go
Take the time you need
Make it count for you
Because there is no other time
To heal, to move forward
To help yourself be all that you are
And to live fearlessly.
We only ever have NOW.

I will always choose LOVE.



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