What is your focus?


Your mind is the camera, the lens is your focus. The shot is your goal.

What is your focus?

When we want to take a photograph of something we focus in on our subject. We know our intention, see it, making sure it is in focus, with the background we desire and then with a click of a button we are ready to take the shot we desire. The lens with which we look through makes it easier for us and adjusts itself so that our shot is clear. This is harder to achieve when we use this situation as a metaphor to our life.

Our mind is the camera,

the lens is what we’re focusing on.

The shot is our goal.

We are the only ones who can adjust our focus.

No one or nothing else will do it for us.

But we can learn how to.

We may try focusing on different aspects around a person, situation or problem (the goal). We may lose focus in our desperate need to see everything. When in fact we end up seeing, finding and uncovering the opposite, which is not much at all.

Focus is key in coaching and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). It helps us know what we actually need in that moment as opposed to the many issues we perceive to be ‘problems’ in our life. That is not to say we don’t have a few things we want to deal with but how can we achieve a goal when we are unclear of what that goal is or if we can not see the road ahead to it?

We lose focus. We lose control. A sense of clarity goes out the window. Sometimes we give up. Worse than this is, if we persist on too many goals we will fail to achieve them.

We may even start believing that there is nothing more we can do to bring clarity and real transformations in to our life because it feels too much.

Not getting goals achieved?

Be clear on your focus.

Ready to make positive shifts in your life?

Ready to get out of a mindset that is holding you back from being who you want to be?

If you find yourself always feeling overwhelmed, stuck and unclear but want to be more focused, confident and have clarity to pursue your passion than coaching and NLP could be right up your street.

Fear encourages no one.

Letting fear come and go and being open to the idea that we are more than who we think or say we are will be the first step in focusing us on a path towards self improvement.

We can work on ourselves and make the impossible, possible.

With love,


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