Give your life more LIP!

LIP: Love, Intimacy and Passion
HLC’s key ingredients to that long lasting relationship. Speak openly, have an open mind, give up trying to be ‘right’ and all you need is a lot of LIP.

Love – A love that is free from guilt, burden and worry. A love that recognises their partner and appreciates them for the amazing person that they are!

Intimacy – Being affectionate and having sex are not the only way we can be intimate with our partner. Embrace each other, look into each others eyes and feel alive in that moment. Be intimate not only with your body but with your mind, heart and soul. This requires us to open up, communicate and be honest with one another. Work, play, dance, relax and laugh together! Find solutions together and know you do this with love.

Passion – Think it, feel it and now go show it! Be as passionate about your partner and relationship as you are about your hobbies, work or friends. Letting things slip can happen but don’t let it be what you are left with. It is up to you. 

Note to self: You can create the relationship you want! 

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