Happy Light Coaching Ltd is a community for seekers of love, self belief, confidence, authenticity and creating positive relationships. HLC helps individuals and groups to tap into a part of themselves they will be pleasantly surprised to uncover fully. This is what HLC calls your Happy Light. This is where you will find true confidence, feel empowered to BE YOU and achieve goals that will help you make the transformations you need!

Life is a journey, mostly a beautiful one and it can take you wherever you want it to go. So although the journey can be challenging, we have come to realise that what we all want is simply to lead a more positive and fulfilling life. The main thing we all need to do is to connect back to love, keep moving forward and ultimately have the will to do more.


By working with HLC you will gain confidence, new tools to break old habits and beliefs and gain a transformed mindset getting you living the life you love. 


At HLC we love assisting others to recognise their true potential because really being our best self makes us and others happy! 


At HLC we love simple advice!


This is YOUR journey

but you don’t have to do it alone

Let go of fear


Get in touch

Work with HLC!


Enjoy the thoughts, questions, inspirations and suggestions posted in HLC’s blog, Instagram, twitter and Facebook Community page. Connect to HLC in a positive way and help achieve the aim of Happy Light Coaching Ltd together; to spread peace, love and light one person at a time.

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