Coaching can give you the tools you need in developing your confidence, self – belief, relationships and true potential. It is about the only person you have actual control over, YOU and is all about helping YOU make positive transformations and changes in any area of your life.


Happy Light Coaching will:

–  help you understand what you really want and need from your life

–  work with you to set achievable goals

–  inspire you to achieve your goals

–  use coaching and NLP tools and techniques to change old habits and beliefs

–  work with you to find and use your inner light

–  help you transform how you see yourself, build your confidence and inspire you to project your uniqueness in to the world!

A Happy Light Coach will help you achieve the LIFE YOU WANT by focusing on the relationship you have with yourself and how this can be a positive contribution to others!


Personal Growth Coaching can help you to:

–  develop your self esteem and belief in yourself

–  help you create loving relationships

–  empower and support you to develop yourself personally and professionally

There is nothing more powerful than acknowledging what you need in your life and doing whatever is necessary in order to get it especially when this involves important decisions in your life. Although we find ourselves making changes all the time sometimes these are short lived and we wonder why we are back to where we started. HLC will help you understand why this is the case and get you ready, motivated and empowered to make long lasting changes.

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Please note: A Life Coach and NLP Practitioner is NOT a therapist and is NOT able or qualified to diagnose a health problem. A Life Coach and NLP Practitioner gets you to realise what you need to do through coaching tools and will take the steps in helping you achieve your future goals.  You will be encouraged to focus on the present and future and you will be advised to seek professional advice if it is felt that coaching or NLP will not benefit you at that time. You can still see a Life Coach and NLP Practitioner even if you are receiving other forms of therapy and if it has been advised or suggested to you by a qualified health care professional.