HLC Programmes

If personal development is a passion of yours as it has been for us and you realise there is something more you want from life, then you have come to the right place.  


How do you feel about being emotionally empowered in your day to day life?


How do you feel about making your dreams a reality?


Becoming empowered mentally is sometimes underrated in our society. If it is recognised at times it is poorly represented in a familiar quote we see circulating about social media.

At Happy Light Coaching we want to be more than a good quote and connect with others in a powerful and very human way as much as possible. 

Ultimately our vision is for a loving society. This is our purpose. This is our goal.

What is yours?

Not sure?

Whether you think you are certain of what you want or feeling you have no clue, HLC aims to get you being your best self so you can make the transformations you need…with your permission of course!


We know with a strong will, clear intentioncontinuous action and support YOU can shape your life the way you want.


Transform your life

All programmes come with a 45 min Free consultation where you will work with Haris to find out whether coaching is for you and what areas you would like to focus on.

It is recommended that clients complete at least 4 sessions of coaching to begin to see it’s effectiveness.

Call or email us with your enquiry and decide on the coaching method that is best for you!


 Our Programmes

Online Coaching Sessions

If you prefer to participate online, then our email option may be of interest to you. You can write it all out and be happily surprised with the inspirations, questions, exercises we set for you.

Online coaching is also great for HLC overseas followers or if you are not able to meet within the Central London area. Coaching online will also be a cheaper option than the face to face coaching options.


1-to-1 HLC Intensive Personal Growth and Confidence Building Session

(either face to face, over the phone or online)

2 Hour one off Coaching Session

Includes: Setting goals and inspiring you to kick start your journey of personal growth and success. Also includes exercises to do at home!


HLC’s Personal Growth Programme

6 and 8 session programme*

These sessions will get you inspired! Your coach will work with you to set achievable goals and bring back some clarity in your life using NLP tools and techniques!

Includes: Reflecting inwards, working to move forward, setting goals and taking action. Tailored to suit your needs.


HLC’s Transformational Coaching Programme

12 and 16 session programme*

If you are ready to make some serious shifts in your life you can choose to take 12 or 16 sessions with your coach to transform your life into what you have dreamed it should be like.

Includes: Reflecting inwards, being fearless and identifying issues, working on taking a leap of faith and move forward, setting goals and taking action, strengthening your awareness to see the real YOU, tasks and activities to do at home. Tailored to suit your needs.

*You can continue with individual sessions or book another programme.